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Keeping a legacy alive

Since April of 2021, Frank and Laura Colbert have been proud to share their experience, knowledge, and passion for animal nutrition by providing quality, proven products and superior customer service to Southeast Iowa farmers and pet owners. As a lifelong farmer in the Sigourney area, Frank brings a lifetime of experience to Colbert Feed.


On his family farm, Frank grows corn, soybean, oats, rye, and hay as well as feeding more than 130 head of cattle and raising more than 3500 hogs per year. Frank knows first hand the importance of optimal nutrition can have on a farmer's bottom line. 

Laura has rural roots, a passion for helping others, and an extensive knowledge of animal nutritional needs. Her passion for animal nutrition was ignited by her own experience with working to find answers and solutions when her horses experienced a health decline after moving farms.


Laura is happy to be able to use her knowledge and experiences to help customers achieve and maintain the health of all of their animals.  Laura is very discerning about the products that they offer at Colbert Feed and knows what is in every product they sell. 


Quality feed is the cornerstone of animal health. Whether you are looking to maximize the profits of your livestock or provide optimal nutrition for your companion or show animals, Frank and Laura will help you to get the most out of your feed.

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