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On the Farm

At Colbert Feed, we understand that our animals are vital to our families, so we are proud to offer a variety of trusted, tested, nutritious pet foods. We research all pet foods that we sell, in order to guarantee the quality of our products. We believe in every product we sell and use them ourselves.

Do you have questions about the best food for your animal? We are more than happy to help you find the best nutritional solution for your small and large animals. Call us or send us a message on Facebook today to set up a time to speak with Laura about our products and your animals needs. 

Horse, Miniature Horse & Pony

Equine health and nutrition is a special interest for Colbert Feeds Owner, Laura. Her passion for animal health and nutrition started with her own horses. Colbert Feeds provides everything that you need to keep your horses, miniature horses, and ponies in top health. This includes a variety of milk replacers, equine dewormers, minerals, supplements and feed options. We are proud to offer the highest quality, proven nutrition for your horses including:

Inspire® a complete specialty performance line of horse feed by Kent ® that is designed to support the optimum health of your competition horses at every life stage.

Sentinel® by Kent ® with special feed formulations to provide digestive health support, immune support, and whole body wellness for your horses.

ECS Classic Horse Pellets from Iowa-Based Stutsman,Inc.


Beef and Dairy Cows

We have great options for small herds and show cows and calves. If  our custom grind and mix option is not the right option for you, we are happy to help you find the right fit that will provide the best quality nutrition for your cows and calves. We offer a variety of bovine colostrum and milk replacers as well as pellet feeds including Home Fresh® Grower Pelleted Cattle Feed by Kent ® and Kent ® Show Feeds™ products.


Whether you have a herd of goats or just a few high-quality show goats, Colbert Feeds can help you to find the right goat nutrition to help your animals for their entire lifespan. In addition to milk replacers and custom grind and mix options, we offer a variety of high-quality goat feed options including Home Fresh® Goat Feed by Kent ® and Kent ® Show Feeds™ products.


Sheep have unique nutritional needs. Colbert Feeds is here to help you find the right sheep feed that will ensure your sheep grow and show well. In addition to milk replacers and custom grind and mix services, we are proud to offer Home Fresh® Sheep Feed by Kent ® and Kent ® Show Feeds™ products to ensure quality nutrition at every life stage.

Alpacas and Llamas

Alpacas and Llamas make great show animals and pets. Colbert Feeds is happy to help you find the right Alpaca and Llama feeds to suit your needs. We carry milk replacers that are appropriate for alpacas and llamas. Additionally, we can help you find the right custom grind and mix rations to fit your animals’ needs or order a variety of high-quality alpaca and llama feeds including Home Fresh® Alpaca and Llama Feed by Kent ®



Chicken/Poultry: Colbert Feeds offers a variety of nutritional options for all of your poultry. Including Chickens, ducks, turkey, pheasants, and quails.Whether your focus is on small-scale egg production or nurturing your birds to show, we can find the best option to fit your needs. In addition our custom grind and mix services, other high-quality poultry feeds and products include:

Home Fresh® Multi-Flock Breeder Pellet by Kent ®

Home Fresh® Extra Egg Layer by Kent ®

Ranchers Choice® Scratch Grains

Cherry Stone® Poultry Grit by TCC Materials

Coastal Brand Calcium and Poultry Shell by Core Calcium and Shell Products

Minerals and Supplements

Colbert Feed stands behind the minerals and supplements that we sell. We are proud to offer a variety of EnergiLass® by Kent and Vitalix® products for all of your livestock. These vitamin, mineral, and protein supplement tubs provide quality, controlled nutrition year-round for your livestock. Additionally, we offer pressed mineral blocks from Rancher’s Choice® and Vitalize® gut and joint health supplements including Vitalize® Equine Free Choice vitamin and mineral supplements for horses.


At Colbert Feed, we can help you find guaranteed nutrition for your  cattle, horses, sheep, and goats for the season and foraging conditions. 

Dried Molasses

Kandy Treet by Stockade® provides a quality dried molasses blend for cattle, horses, sheep, swine or poultry is made with 38% dried molasses.  Kandy Treet by Stockade® is designed for hand-feeding or can be further manufactured using easy-to-use mixing instructions that can be found right on the bag.

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