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Household Pets

At Colbert Feed, we understand that our animals are vital to our families, so we are proud to offer a variety of trusted, tested, nutritious pet foods. We research all pet foods that we sell, in order to guarantee the quality of our products. We believe in every product we sell and use them ourselves.

Do you have questions about the best food for your animal? We are more than happy to help you find the best nutritional solution for your small and large animals. Call us or send us a message on Facebook today to set up a time to speak with Laura about our products and your animals needs. 

Your dog deserves the best

We offer a variety of high-quality, nutritious dog food that will improve overall health and coat quality for every breed and stage of life. Our trusted dog food lines include: Diamond Naturals, Native Performance Dog Food by Kent, and Country Vet Dog Food.

Native uses only the highest quality natural meats and grains with no corn, wheat or soy and no by-products. Our aim is to deliver to your dog the most bio-available ingredients to ensure maximum nutrient digestibility, low stool volume and a long healthy life. Native is a high performance diet with the vast majority of the protein and fat coming from animal sources. 

NutriVantage® for Dogs  |  Concentrated Energy  |  Wholesome Grains  |  Antioxidant-Rich Nutrients  |  Chelated Minerals  |  Omega 3 and 6  |  Prebiotics


Produced in Iowa

We all know cats rule the world

With quality cat food, you can take comfort in knowing your companion is healthy and thriving. Nutritional requirements change through each life stage, and we carry specially formulated for maximum nutrition and digestibility.

Whether you have indoor cats, outdoor cats, barn cats, kittens, or mature cats, we have the right cat food and litter to fit your needs. We feature high quality cat foods from  Diamond Naturals and Rancher’s Choice.


We also love Iowa made World’s Best Cat Litter products and are happy to feature their products in our store. This odor-absorbing cat litter is made from all-natural corn and is flushable! 


We like birds, too!

We carry a variety of wild bird seed at great prices. We carry block feeders, wild bird mix, and sunflower seeds and pieces to attract a variety of beautiful bird species.

Pro tip: Utilize local bird rescues during the species selection process; these adoption and education organizations are highly skilled at matching a bird to an individual or a family. When blindly purchasing a bird without knowing anything about the traits and needs of a particular species, detrimental mismatches are common.

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Order with Colbert Feed and get FREE delivery of Pet Food and Supplies within the Sigourney, Iowa community

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